Who would you choose – Faker or Easyhoon?

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Who would you choose – Faker or Easyhoon?
SKT T1 dominant with either player at MSI

Possibly the two best players in the world at the same position. Only one can play. How do you decide? For SKT T1, it’s a problem that seems only unique to them. But in the long run, can there only be one that SKT has to stick with?

The only comparable situation I can think of in all of sport is goalies in hockey. There are many 1A and 1B situations that happen in the NHL, however by the time playoffs roll around, a team usually ends up having to pick one guy and roll with it. The next closest thing I can think of is having two quarterbacks in football. The San Francisco 49ers in the NFL did it for awhile with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick but ultimately, Kaepernick took over and was the primary quarterback.

Faker and Easyhoon have split games through the tournament and both have come out victorious in all of their games. They both even featured games where their teams were behind and they had to come back and win. So will this team ultimately have to pick one of these two and stick with them or can they continue to rotate between the two star players?

Faker is the name people more quickly associated with being the leader of SKT T1. He did after all win Worlds in Season 3, has been crowned by many as the best player in the world, and is the first name people mention when talking about carry-type mid laners.

Easyhoon has long become the player in “Faker’s shadow.” He’s considered the substitute, the second guy, the Malkin to the Crosby of this team. He is often talked about as the more passive mid laner; He does not go for as many kills and plays as Faker but rather is a strong, steady rock for SKT T1 to trust in. He just wins games – much like he did when winning the Finals of the LCK against the GE Tigers.

So far, it doesn’t seem to matter who SKT T1 go with. They just keep winning and until one of these mid laners actually start losing, they will likely continue their rotation. You have to think there will be a breaking point someday where one guy will have to take over the reigns but for now SKT T1 will keep doing what they do best. Win.

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Standings after Day 2:
SK Telecom T1 5-0
EDward Gaming 4-1
ahq e-Sports Club 3-2
Fnatic 2-3
Team SoloMid 1-4
Besiktas e-Sports Club 0-5

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