Incarnati0n signing with Cloud9

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Incarnation Signing with Cloud9
Initial reports suggest Incarati0n will be Hai’s replacement

Photo from Hai’s Twitter account announcing Incarnati0n’s signing

Update: Confirmed by this tweet from Hai’s Twitter account

According to a German website, Summoner’s Inn, Incarnati0n looks to be the new midlaner for Cloud9. C9 has been looking for a replacement for the recently retired Hai.

Incarnati0n is a high challenger player from EUW region. Despite his high skill level he has been unable to play for a professional team due to a suspension in January 2013 due to behavioral issues. His ban was lifted by Riot on March 31st of this year.

According to The Daily Dot, Incarnati0n did take part in a tryout for C9 in April along with C9 Tempest’s midlaner Yusui.

Will report more as this story develops.

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