XPeke is back!

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xPeke is back!
Origen remain undefeated after week 1 of EU LCS

xpeke-origen-1If there were any doubters that xPeke would be able to play in the LCS again, they are silent now. With back to back near perfect performances, xPeke and his new LCS team, Origen, are undefeated after the first week of the LCS. They were able to beat Giant Gaming and H2k in clean wins.

In the first game against Giant Gaming, xPeke went up against Giant’s star midlaner PepiiNeRO playing LeBlanc. Despite being known for playing carry assassins, Origen drafted Morgana as a flex pick that ended up being xPeke’s champion. It worked as he went a perfect 5-0-7. Origen focused on keeping PepiiNeRO down in teamfights (although he actually had more gold than xPeke in this game with his 382 to 294 CS lead) and the team was able to pick up the easy win. Although Origen had basically dominated every team in the Challenger scene in the same way, the question was out there if they would be able to continue this play in the LCS.

origenThe next game had xPeke and Origen up against Ryu and H2k. This should have been a tougher test given H2k’s third place finish in the EU 2015 Spring Split. However, it seemed to be more of the same. xPeke was able to play LeBlanc against Ryu’s Kassadin. xPeke went 5-1-6 dominating the Ryu’s meager score of 1-2-0. This victory was even cleaner as Origen only took 27:52 to achieve victory.

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Standings after Week 1
Fnatic 2-0
Origen 2-0
Giants Gaming 1-1
Elements 1-1
H2k 1-1
Copenhagen Wolves 1-1
Unicorns of Love 1-1
Gambit Gaming 0-2
SK Gaming 0-2

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