The Piglet We Always Wanted

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The Piglet We Always Wanted
Piglet dominates to lead Team Liquid to an undefeated start of the split

It’s eapiglet-benched-subbed-465x262rly and it was against weaker competition but Piglet seems to finally have arrived in North America. Piglet last year looked like a shell of himself. Not the man who won Season 3 Worlds with SKT T1 but someone who couldn’t even unseat KEITHMCBRIEF as the ADC for Team Liquid. Now after two wins going 9-1-4 on Kalista and 4-2-12 on Sivir, it seems like the Piglet we always wanted is here in the LCS.

It actually started at the end of last split. Team Liquid was of course trying to break out of the Forever Fourth Curse. Piglet was dominant throughout the Spring Split playoffs. In the 3-0 sweep against Counter Logic Gaming Piglet went 6-3-7 on Graves, 10-1-8 on Kog’Maw, and 9-0-5 on Lucian out dueling arguably the best ADC in North America in Doublelift. Then in the third place game against Team Impulse, Piglet was a consistent performer and ended game 5 with a perfect KDA (6-0-4).

downloadAt the beginning of this split, Piglet is continuing his momentum with a 9.67 KDA through his first week averaging 379.5 CS per game. Again, it is against relatively weak competition. Team Dragon Knights fielded a squad mostly of substitutes and Team 8 is likely looking to fight off relegation this split but it is a much better start for Piglet who kept losing with Team Liquid.

Next week, he should be able to continue his trend of dominance going up against Enemy Esports (1-1) that still has to prove itself and against Gravity (1-1) team that is looking weaker without Cop or Saintvicious in their lineup.

Other stories from week one of the NA LCS 2015 Summer Split: Team SoloMid (1-1) lose the rematch against Cloud 9 (1-1), Counter Logic Gaming (2-0) off to a great start being the only other undefeated team, Gravity’s Keane played Malphite mid because he’s Keane, Enemy eSports look strong and might be surprise of the LCS this split, Team Dignitas’s Azingy dominates using Zac with ganks on Cloud9’s Sneaky playing Ashe.

Standings after Week 1
Team Liquid 2-0
Counter Logic Gaming 2-0
Cloud9 1-1
Team Impulse 1-1
Team Dignitas 1-1
Team Solo Mid 1-1
Enemy eSports 1-1
Gravity 1-1
Team 8 0-2
Team Dragon Knights 0-2

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