“Into the League” Cast Announcement Press Release

Into the League Cast Photo

Into the League Cast Photo. From left to right: Rhys Harrison, Taren Padua, Cora Fast, Brenton Henderson, Thomas McLeod

reTouch Media is proud to announce the cast of for the pilot of a mockumentary called “Into The League”. Principal photography for the pilot has already completed and we are very excited to show everyone who we casted. “Into The League” is a mockumentary about five gamers playing a MOBA video game known as “The League” with hopes of becoming a professional eSports team and play in the “League Pro Series”.

Actors Brenton Henderson, Cora Fast, Rhys Harrison, Taren Padua, and Thomas McLeod make up the leads for the cast. Also performing in a supporting role is Eric Rae.

Director Jonathan Villaverde says, “I could not possibly imagine a better cast for this project. We have a broad range of talents working and every person brings something special to their role. Brenton features a ton of experience making him the perfect person to play the team leader “ReyRay”. Having worked with Rhys before, I know the standout quality he brings to his performances. He is simply a perfect fit for “Tyro”. Taren brings a freshness to “nRun” and I couldn’t ask for a more suitable actor to be playing that character. Cora has maybe the most challenging role and I feel her enthusiasm and work ethic really brings out the strengths of “Shoot2K”. Last but not least, Thomas is an up and coming actor that I see being able to achieve big things and he’s really dialed in his performance of “n00bSlayer”. I could not be more proud of the cast we have put together for this project and I am very excited to share everyone the results of our hard work.

“Into The League” is being directed by Megan Merasty and Jonathan Villaverde from a screenplay written by Jonathan Villaverde. Music is composed by Dan Boissoneault.

Upon launch of the pilot for “Into The League”, reTouch Media will be looking for funding to continue the project. If you are interested in helping fund the project or would like more information, please e-mail j.villa@retouchmedia.com or call 204-599-7358.

A trailer for the pilot will be released shortly on reTouchmedia.com within the coming weeks.


The Cast:

Brenton Henderson is plays Malcolm "ReyRay" in the reTouch Media production of "Into The League"

Brenton Henderson plays Malcolm “ReyRay” the jungler.

Cora Fast plays Jeri "Shoot2K" in the reTouch Media production of "Into The League"

Cora Fast plays Jeri “Shoot2K” the ADC

Rhys Harrison plays Tyro "Tyrone" in the reTouch Media production of "Into The League"

Rhys Harrison plays Tyro “Tyrone” the support

Taren Padua plays Chase "nRun" in the reTouch Media production of "Into The League"

Taren Padua plays Chase “nRun” the toplaner

Thomas McLeod plays Gary "n00bSlayer" in the reTouch Media production of "Into The League"

Thomas McLeod plays Gary “n00bSlayer” the midlaner