reSports Radio Show Ep 4


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Shawn “Pyro” Bernard from AYBOnline guests on the show to talk about TSTX Results, Leffen being banned from commentary at European tournaments, and the possibility of eSports in the Olympics.

Links to stories covered:


TSTX results (

CLG win NA LCS (

First International HotS tournament (

Spirit free agent LoL (

AUI_2000 on new team (

Two men arrested Pokemon World Championships for bringing guns (

Pokken Tournament coming to Wii U (

Complexity returns to CS (

LoL World Regional Qualifiers (in progress –


Leffen banned from tournament for speaking opinion (

Esports at the Olympics by 2030? (

ESL One had more viewers than LCS Finals. LoL not the kings of esports anymore? (

-Local events-
Aug 29 – Smash Monthly #10
Aug 30 – Smash Coast Customs 
Sep 1 – BaseLAN registration

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