reSports Radio Show Ep 10 & 11

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League of Legends Worlds continues into week 2. Jonny eSports covers the Worlds Group Stages in the first half of the show. The back half has an interview with Re Set Smash 2 winner Cory “Phili” Pavlick so you won’t want to miss that!

Links to stories covered:

LoL – @jonnyesports Knock Out Stage picks (

Phili’s YouTube Channel (

Phili’s Twitch Channel (

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Worlds coverage continues through the quarter-finals. In other eSports news – ESL ESESA Pro League CS: Go league contineus into week 5, Na’Vi disbands in Dota 2, and Gordon Hayward defends eSports!

Links to stories covered:

Dota 2 – Na’Vi Disbands (

LoL – Lustboy and Santorin both leave TSM (

LoL – Gragas banned for the rest of Worlds due to bug found in Fnatic/Edward Gaming Game (

Guild Wars 2 – GW2 starting $400 000 pro league (

Gordon Hayward defends eSports (

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