reSports Radio Show Ep 12

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Shawn “Pyro” Bernard joins the show to talk #Worlds Semi-Finals, match-betting scandals, Activision’s plans for eSports, and much more on this week’s show


LoL – SKT beats Origen, KOO beats Fnatic in progress

Activision hires former ESPN boss to run eSports division

SC – Match fixing

Smash4 – Nairo beats Zero at MLG

Smash melee – Hungrybox wins MLG

WoW – C9 acquire WoW arena teamĀ 

HotS – C9 wins HTC Heroes Brawl

LoL – C9 holding tryouts for Jungle/support. Lemonnation moves to staff position, Hai will play either jungle or support depending on tryout results

LoL – KEITHMCBRIEF joins C9 Challenger team


Smash – NUC8 Single Bracket Results

Smash – Winnipeg Smash Monthly 12 Singles Results

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